Just Start at the Beginning

I guess ‘the beginning’ is an ironic term to use considering where I find myself at the moment. Five months to go on my degree and unsure of what I want to do (like most twenty year olds) and here I am talking about ‘the beginning’.

I am, just about, half way through my final year at university and with a less than ideal start to the academic year (full of loss, heart break and grief), a friend has convinced me that a space of my own to organise my thoughts, express my opinions and perhaps let slip the occasional rant would do me the world of good.

I intend to post about books, films, current events andย every now and again what ever takes my fancy! (Whimsical, I know!)

So here endeth this short and sweet first post, here’s hoping the postsย that follow are a tad more interesting than my vague musings on starting a blog!

A x