Essay season. It’s here…

I had my last lecture ever today. Ever. … Well until I do my masters degree. But still my undergraduate days are over. HOWEVER to get to the point when I can rent my cap & gown for an extortionate amount of money and grace the stage at my graduation I have a number of essays to write!


Last year I fell in to the downward spiral that was pulling all nighters at the library and allowing my entire diet to consist of chocolate buttons. SO in an attempt to not make the same mistakes this year I have a plan…

1. Drink all the water. All of it.

2. Still go to the gym every other day, even if it is time I could be spending on my assignment.

3. Have solid essay plans.

4. Set goals for the amount of words I want to have written after each session.

5. Have my friend Caitlin (see her amazing food blog here) make all my lunches & dinners daily… and if that is slightly diva-ish make the effort to take healthy lunches & snacks with me to the library – or as I like to call it ‘the hell hole where your soul goes to die.

There it is… my 5 point plan of how I am going to successfully get through these last 4 weeks of uni. – cut to next week where I’ve fallen in to a food coma over my laptop after my 8th bag of buttons…



14 Things you can relate to if you went to an all girls school

I survived 7 years in my all girls secondary school and 6th form college. There were bad times, good times and unbelievably great times. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. HOWEVER there are a few things that people who haven’t had the same school experience as me just don’t seem to get. I get the ‘WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL’ look when I bring up any of the things mentioned below. But I know, knowthat my fellow all-girls-school-gals and I are not alone…

1. All the other local schools had a collective nickname for students at your school. Our rival schools couldn’t decide between whether we should be the ‘willy grabbers’ or lesbians… the irony was lost on them.

2. You are 110% comfortable with getting naked in front of other girls. In fact you have seen more boobs than all the men on earth.

3. If you had a headmistress she would call you ‘her girls’… or some pet name like her ‘little fishes’… No? Just mine? … Okay moving on!

4. Hairy legs? Not a problem! Whack them out on the table and let everyone feel the stubble.

5. And vice-versa if you actually make the effort to shave your legs you would whack them out on the table for everyone to ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ over. You would soak up the leg jealousy radiating off your peers and feel like a queen… until you realised you’d missed the bit behind your knee!

6. It could be the bitchiest place on earth but the minute an outsider went on the offence everyone was suddenly comrades on the frontline ready to fight and die for one another.

7. No question was off limits. ‘You know when you’re on your period and…’ ‘So you know when you’re having sex and…’ ‘Does anybody have a tampon, it’s like the Red Wedding up in here!’

8. Your uniform – no matter how conservative it was meant to be – would be shortened, unbuttoned and altered to make it as stylish and unique as possible… before a teacher walked by and stopped the fashion show.

9. There were days when no effort was made and days when you turned it out like Beyonce. Both were perfectly acceptable. Plus if you changed your mind half way through the day you always had a million friends with their make up ready to make you over!

10. Oh, you have a secret? Ha! Good luck.

11. You hug EVERYONE when you meet them.

12. Need to pull your tights up? Like all the way up. You need to do the ‘squat and jump’ to get comfy. Go for it. No judgement here.

13. We have to do something for charity? OPTION 1: Non uniform day. and if that fell through OPTION 2: Bake sale. Because what is more important than clothes & cake!?

14. You realise girls are f***ing amazing and learn all the girl-power secrets needed to run the world!

22 things I’ve learnt in 22 years

(Original post concept I know)

Ugh 22. This is how I actually felt on the day of my 22nd birthday. BUT with my emotional ‘WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE’ break down over, there is actually a lot that I’ve mastered over the years

1. Painting your nails makes the world seem a brighter place

2. It is perfectly acceptable to act like a kid every now and again. Embrace your inner child! Go as high as you can on the swings! Have sweets for breakfast, cake for lunch and ice-cream for dinner! Spend all day in your pjs on the xbox. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. It’s not a waste if you have fun!

3. WINE. My best wine advice (which actually came from my best friend’s mum): Choose the bottle that is £4 but has been reduced/is on the half price offer. You’re paying the same amount as the cheapest bottle in there but you won’t be drinking paint stripper!

4. When you are crying for no reason and don’t want to tell anybody you’re sad because you have no idea why you’re sad. Just let yourself to be sad. That might not be the healthiest advice out there but I always find people telling you to cheer up does absolutely nothing to help – if anything can make you feel worse.                                                                                           Grab a movie, grab your I-pod, grab your most understanding friend that will sit there and cry with you, grab the aforementioned bottle of wine, grab Ben and grab Jerry, and just let yourself be sad!

(If how you’re feeling is affecting your work, relationships or life in general – do not take the above advice. Seek help with someone, be that professional or through friends and family)

5. Dance like a crazy person. In private. In public. In the supermarket. (It’s even more fun if you can rope your friends in to doing the robot or attempting the moonwalk)

6. Don’t be that person who is texting/tweeting/talking on the phone when you arrive at the counter in a shop. Put the phone in your pocket and say “hello” – it’s common decency people!

7. Put clean sheets on your bed before a night out – it makes the hangover the next day 85% more manageable.

8. People are selective about what they put on social media. Do not compare yourself or your life to those that you see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr.

9. You will be held accountable for your actions so make sure you’re acting on your own behalf.

10. Don’t put off the doctor or the dentist. Yo’ body is yo’ temple!

11. Lipstick = always

12. Baking makes everything better. It makes your house smell divine and you’re left with tasty treats after it all!

13. Always carry plasters in your purse. If it’s not you that falls in to blister hell, you can be the saviour to some other poor soul crippled by breaking in their new shoes.

14. Some people are not meant to be in your life forever. If you don’t want them in your life and they don’t want to be there, it’s better for everyone if you allow that bridge to burn!

15. Then again some people are in your life forever whether you like it or not. Grit your teeth, smile and get on with it because making things difficult for all parties involved isn’t going to make anyone happy.

16. Leggings are see through. They are, don’t argue. Accept it and dress accordingly if you don’t want the people behind you in the queue seeing your arse cheeks and frilly knickers.

17. With fake tan less is more.

18. Always take your make up off before bed. – you may think it goes without saying but we’ve all been there.

19. Family is important. What ever that means to you. Biological. Nuclear. Extended. You’re best friend’s family that has adopted you because you are never not at their house in a onesie eating the entire contents of their fridge… WE ALL DO IT.

20. Be kind. It never ceases to amaze and upset me how much hate there is in the world. Racism, homophobia, misogyny – turn on the news and you will see another tear inducing event will have happened. Let people live their lives! For heaven’s sake, you have no right to say how people should live, or to even comment on it! Just… be happy and let others be happy. (Rant over.)

21. Yes, always be kind but be honest and fair too, to yourself especially. If someone isn’t treating you right, stand up for yourself. Killing with kindness only goes so far. Report it. Say your piece. Enlighten the cruel or small minded idiot. Surround yourself with good people and carry on with your life. (Refer to no.14)

22. No matter how much you don’t want to turn that year older on your birthday, YOU ARE GOING TO BE ONE YEAR OLDER! So bloody enjoy it, it is a day all about you after all!